Windows XP no longer receiving Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus updates


We have mentioned a few months back that Microsoft was trying to transition people away from Windows XP and into a more modern operating system like Windows 8 or even Windows 7 by ceasing all security updates by April 2014.  Recently Microsoft began their next step in that transition by no longer providing Windows XP users anti virus updates for those who uses the free and reliable Microsoft Security Essential Anti Virus.

With Window XP being close to 13 years old, it’s understandable to see Microsoft making these kinds of moves so they can focus their attention to their more recent operating systems and keeping it as secure as possible.  Of course, if you are not using Microsoft Security Essentials, this does not really matter to you as much at the moment, but you must prep yourself in the near future for an upgrade.  By ceasing security updates for Windows XP in April, you will be open to many potential security holes.

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