Subway Surfers with all overhauls, Hacks and Cheats.


Subway Surfers is a non-stop running game co-developed by Kiloo and Sybo. This game is dependent upon the primary character Jake’s running abilities. In the game the player run on train tracks and tends to be pursued by a cranky station officer and his pitbull puppy. Subway surfers is genuine fun with new overhauls after an extremely short compass of time. So the players don’t become weary of playing this game. The design of the game is so enrapturing. In game you have distinctive astonishes like mystery boxes and recompenses. Plus that there are some different characters that player need to open by gathering needed things. The game continued overhauling with diverse tours and escapade. The subject of the game is World Tour in which some excellent prevalent urban areas have been emphasized. The accompanying scene tours arrangements are overhauled in year 2013.

1: Subway Surfers World Tour New York:

Subway Surfers World Tour, New York was the first instalment to the Subway Surfers World Tour arrangement, and was a free upgrade for the Subway Surfers game. It was discharged on January 5, 2013. This was accessible on the house for a restricted time. The character it incorporated was “Tony” who was the stand out accessible in this form and worth 95, likewise incorporated the Liberty Board as a Limited Edition buy of 50,000.

subway surfers New York

2: Subway Surfers World Tour Rio:

Subway surfers world tour Rio was discharged in February 2013. This overhaul accompanied new areas, more powerups and different characters that players can open by satisfying the prerequisites. In this form player got an opportunity to play in sunny city Rio. This redesign additionally included new players Carmen and Samba dance specialist. In addition there were three new electrifying sheets into the mix including a Daredevil board that permits players to surf speedier than at any other time in recent memory.

subway surfers Rio

3: Subway Surfers World Tour Rome:

Subway surfers world tour Rome was released in March 2013. In the wake of liking Brazilian Samba with Rio redesigns Kiloo and Sybo games offered the addicts a genuine fun of surfing in Rome’s roads. In this redesign there were another Egg Hunt occasion that player used to contend in and used to get unique prizes on gathering hundred eggs.

subway surfers Rome

4: Subway Surfers World Tour Sydney:

Subway surfers world tour Sydney was released in April 2013. In this upgrade they updated everything in the game barring administers and regulation. In less time game attain its aspiration and make high records, in excess of 5 billion individuals downloaded this game on their unit in interim. This overhaul was full of currencies and astound boxes through which player can redesign their devices to long live, such as magnet to gather all coins, guitar, yunami, shoes to bounce over the train and 2x multiplexer. This upgrade was truly cool and fun.

subway surfers Sydney

5:Subway Surfers World Tour Tokyo:

Subway surfers Tokyo was released in May 2013. With this redesign the players got an opportunity to run in Tokyo underneath the sprouting cherry trees. Another character was additionally included named charming Harumi. This upgrade acquired tests Japan. Players were ready to go after week by week prizes in another Weekly Hunt occasion in Tokyo.

subway surfers Tokyo

Step by step instructions to Hack Subway Surfers Tokyo: 

  • Firstly uninstall your version, in light of the fact that this hack is not patch its a complete application like genuine subway surfers. Don’t stress your information won’t be lost.
  • In the wake of uninstalling download Subway Surfers Tokyo Hack and commission it into your gadget.
  • In the event that you need to get your past records, after finishing installation only login to Facebook.

With these three basic and simple steps you can get the hack version and like unrestricted coins.

subway surfers unlimited coins


Provided that you need to download the Modded Subway Surfers Tokyo Hack indexes click on the Links beneath.

  1. Modded Apk file on Zippy Share (Link 1)
  2. Modded Apk file on 4Shared (Link2)

6: Subway Surfers World Tour Miami:

Subway Surfers android game lover’s all time favourite game after Tokyo accompanied some new upgrades which individuals have truly liked. In this upgrade aside from the representation there isn’t anything new included the game with respect to different characteristics they are still same e.g. week by week challenges and winning fascinating remunerate like past ones in this overhauled Subway Surfers you additionally need to gather 40 flamingos to get astound blessing. The force overhauls are same e.g. Jetpack, Coins Magnet, Super Sneaker and 2x multiplayer. The main electrifying thing in Subway Surfers World Tour Miami is the completely new landscape and the running on Miami Beach which is not set to end for entire life I surmise. However The Miami Beach’s scenes are so energizing and captivating. It gives sort of regular and eye unwinding impact to our eyes running on Florida’s generally daylight land’s Miami Beach. Yes one additionally electrifying thing is you can get new furnish for your favourite character Jake you can alter you game with constrained outfit.

subway surfers Miami

Step by step instructions to Hack Subway Surfers Miami

  • Take after the accompanying steps to hack Subway Surfers Miami.
  • Uninstall your present form of Subway Surfer (don’t stress your information won’t get eradicated)
  • Download the hacked version and install it in your telephone or tablet. [ Links Given Down]
  • Open your application and sign in with your Facebook in the event that you have a Facebook joining to get your records back.

subway surfers Miami hacks


The modded *.apk document is 25.5mb in size so better attempt Wifi or free web!

  1. Modded Apk file on ZippyShare(Link 1)
  2. Modded Apk File on Data File Host(Link 2)

7: Subway Surfers World Tour Paris:

The individuals who are wild about subway surfers can download and establish the redesigned essence of the game, in particular form 1.12.0, and will pace through the Metro of Paris, notwithstanding having an adorable recreate joining their gathering of restricted characters, specifically Coco. Customers may as well likewise keep an eye out for modest Eiffel Towers high and low, which can carry them new prizes each week, and they will customize Spike and Tagbot with snazzy outfits, the application’s discharge notes demonstrate. In the notorious Subway Surfers for Android portable game, clients need to help Jake, Tricky & Fresh getaway from the grouchy Inspector and his canine, while evading prepares with quick swipe tumbling and engaging image.

subway surfers Paris

Step by step instructions to Hack Subway Surfer Paris:

  • Take after these steps to get this modded Subway Surfers Miami.
  • Uninstall your present version of Subway Surfer (don’t stress your information won’t get eradicated)
  • Download the hacked version and install it in your telephone or tablet. [ Links Given Down]
  • Open your application and sign in with your Facebook in the event that you have a Facebook mix to get your records back.

subway surfers Paris hack

To download the Modded Subway Surfers Paris Hack document Click On the Links beneath.

The modded *.apk document is 26.34mb in size so better attempt Wifi or free web!

  • Modded Apk document on Zippyshare (Link 1)
  • Modded Apk File on Data File Host (Link 2)
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