Samsung Galaxy S5 Expected features “The Dream Phone”

Special features of S5:

As it is the upcoming set of next year 2014 it does not have complete specifications and features details, while there are some rumors and leaks by which I am telling you its features.

Galaxy S5

  • The new Aluminum Back Cover And the other 1 is Super AMOLED Plus Display

  • Camera changes

  • Hardware changes

  • Upgrade Software and Connectivity

  • Changes in Dimensions And Battery

  • Different new app

  • Full upgraded sensors

  • Waterproof and shocked proof

As here I’m going to describe details of features
The new Aluminum Back Cover And the other 1 is  Super AMOLED Plus Display:

Samsung is going to introduce the new S5 have aluminum waterproof back cover. Additionally, in S5 Samsung used the concept proposes on-screen buttons, which gives the device a seamless look and it has large 5-inch 1080p Super AMOLED Plus display and hence fans are going to crazy for this Star phone.

Camera Changes:

Galaxy S5

The camera of S5 will be16-megapixel with camera optical image stabilization and it also have 6x loseless zoom, as it has improved low-light performances and this is one of the main feature of smartphone’s. Samsung updates the camera from his other smartphones to make the new s5 as a dream phones as in the comparison of Galaxy S4 it has a 13-megapixel camera.

Hardware changes:

Galaxy S5

While Samsung are trying to improve its technology, hence they make few changes in upcoming cell phone.
The hardware configuration of Samsung S5 it gain 2GHz Exynos 5 Octa processor, six-core ARM Mali-T628 GPU and having a big speedy source of 4GB RAM. Hence this technology octa-core processor speed ups the phone 20 percent more CPU power, and 3D graphics of this smartphone which is totally based on four ARM Cortex-A15 processors. As this multi-usage processor will fasten up the speed of Galaxy SV clock speed to 1.6GHz and make this phone to a device working with in no time.

Software and connectivity up gradation:

Galaxy S5

As the new technology software will be upgraded by Samsung using the new Android 4.3 or Android 5.0 it will be confirmed by Google. According to few rumors about S5 that current Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean would be used for Galaxy S5.
As up gradation in connectivity all the current smartphones using 3G, 4G and increasingly 4G LTE, as Samsung Galaxy S5 as “future proof,” proposing that they may use 4G LTE capability as well as compatibility with 5G wireless networks.

Changes in dimension and battery:


Some rumors and leaks and other concept that propose a device and make it super light and slim as it is just 120 grams in weight and 7mm in thickness and hence it also having a large power capacity in it and the new battery upgrade is 4,000 mAh this work is really admirable and hence you can use your phone longer.

Galaxy S5


It will have many applications which is upgraded from other smartphones as S3 and S4. As one of them is “Maintenance of Health and Fitness” this application you can examine your pulse and heart beat to make sure you are fit.
Full upgraded sensors:

Samsung improve its sensor in its upcoming phone as S5 and it has awesome sensors as one of its amazing sensors is “Infrared Sensor”.
By this sensor the phone will change into thermometer and hence you can check the temperature of kids, pets and any other member of your family and hence it can identify heat so you can check your bath water by just take the camera front of it.

Waterproof and shocked proof:

Galaxy S5

The news is that it is the first phone in the market which is upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone who is waterproof and you can dip it in to water (up to 10 meters) and it is also shockproof.  This news takes in shock to many fans.

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