iPhone 5S is currently sold out and may take a month or two to restock

Iphone 5s stack

If you were not one of the many who sat outside the Apple Store Friday morning waiting to purchase or pick up your new iPhone or one of those who hopped online at midnight to place an order for one, then you may have to wait a bit for the next incoming shipment of iPhone 5s.

Apple products being sold out within hours of launch is never a surprised and should be expected by now.  If you do not sacrifice a bit of time and sleep, you will probably have to wait a while before getting that said Apple product.

To Apple’s surprise, the gold colored iPhone was the first to go out, but that was also partly due to Apple not putting in enough orders for that color.  They did not expect it to be as popular as the other two colors that they offered.  However, in light of these events, Apple has asked their suppliers up the production for the gold iPhone.  If you wanted to buy a gold colored iPhone, word on the street is that November would be the earliest Apple would be able to get a new shipment from their supplier.  The black and gray model of the phone will be restocked as early as October 7th, which is just about two weeks or so.


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