How to start and set up your new iPad Air”

If you have new iPad Air and you have no idea how to get started, then don’t need to worry about it becaue here we are going to tell you how you can setup your new tablet. Just follow the following instruction.


How to Setup iPad Air?

Follow the following steps:

  • 1st switch on your iPad Air by pressing Sleep/Wake power or control button at the top.
  • You will be greeted by the Hello screen. For starting the set up process just Swipe from left to right direction on the screen.
  •  You will be aggravated to select the Language. You just select your own language.
  • Now select your country or region from the list.
  • You will be motivated to select a Wi-Fi network. Just click on the ideal Wi-Fi network.
  • Then you just enter the password for your Wi-Fi network.
  • Now choose if you hope for Location services to be enabled or to be disabled. If you want to use services like Find my iPad, which is suggested you to enable location service option.
  • Now, you can set up your iPad as a new iPad, or restore from iCloud Backup or from iTunes Backup.
  • You will then be prompted to sign in with your Apple ID or make a Free Apple ID. If you have previously an Apple ID, then, just select sign in with Your Apple ID.
  • Read the Terms and Conditions on the next screen and then Tap on Agree to go on.
  • It may take only few minutes to set up your Apple ID.
  • Then, you will get a choice to either use iCloud or Don’t Use iCloud. iCloud lets you way in your music, photos, contacts, also the calendars and more on all your iOS devices automatically and now you just tap on the Use iCloud option.
  • You will be provoked to Use or Don’t Use Find my iPad. Find My iPad is a free service that permits you to locate, lock, and also remove your iPad if you misplace it. With iOS 7, Find My iPad also includes the Activation Lock, because somebody will need your Apple ID and password to erase or reactivate your iPad and than tap on Use Find my iPad option
  • Now you will be greeted by welcome to ipad screen. To get started now to go to the Home screen and start using your new iPad Air.

Here we go…! Enjoy your new iPad Air.

 iPadAir-iPadMini ipad-air600



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