Galaxy Note II N7100 Jelly Bean 4.2.2 update with Slim Bean ROM Build 5 & how to install?

Galaxy Note II N7100 is now able to use and can enjoy a fast and stable build of the latest SlimBean ROM Build 5 Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.  Galaxy Note 2 users will be happy after getting the great news of Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean which comes with SlimBean ROM Build 5. This ROM information is only for the Galaxy Note II GT-N7100. The SlimBean Build 5 is a very latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system for Samsung Note II.

The latest iteration of SlimBean ROM brings a plethora of exciting features such as fully-optimized such as CM (Voice Shutter) as well as a camera feature called Hands Free that enables the user to take photos with proximity sensor. And also some other features like better-optimized Nova Launcher with less memory (RAM) usage and SlimBean Build 5 include faster triggering, the option to mirror right PIE on horizontal axis, smart capture, an updates of Slim IRC to 2.1.6 added and improved translation, system stability optimizations and the change of the default launcher to Nova Launcher from Holo and more.

Jelly Bean 4.2.2 update with Slim Bean ROM Build 5

Even you have to make sure when you install this Android your phone model must be Galaxy Note II N7100 only, the SlimBean Build 5 ROM and its all features only for Note II N7100 model, so when you start setting you must be sure about phone model 1st.

Android 4.2.2 SlimBean Build 5 ROM Features:

  • Smart Capture

  • Hands free Camera

  • Update Slim IRC to 2.1.6

  • Added and Improved more translations

  • Added Vibration adjustments to performance (selected devices)

  • Enhance Slim Pie

  • Faster/Better triggering

  • Added second layer

  • Custom trigger height and gravity

  • Smart capture

  • Option to mirror right PIE on horizontal

  • Change default launcher after extended tests from Holo to Nova launcher because it user less RAM.

  • LED Picker overwork

  • Added actions to new (stock) Email notifications

  • Added back 0DP navbar values

  • Rearrangement recent app switcher

  • Phone Add blacklist unknown numbers functionality

  • Contacts: Allow blacklisting numbers from the call stats details menu

  • Optimizations to syscore

  • SMS/MMS Overwork

  • Optimize again system stability

You will also need to have Galaxy Note II N7100 drivers installed on your computers to connect your phone to your PC. And you also have to remind you that these details are only for the Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100.  If you are not sure about your handset than you can check in setting that which one model it is. After that you can download the Galaxy Note II N7100 SlimBean Build 5 4.2.2 ROM here and also available Google Apps (slim Gapps). Even when you are installing you have to make sure that battery must be at least 80% charge. And you have to ensure that device is unlocked (not locked to specific carrier) and rooted without Clockwork Mod recovery (CWM) installed. And before start working you have to allow new installed ROM to stabilize for five minutes. So if device encounters a status 7 error message while flashing the firmware, than it could be due to an incompatible device or a necessary kernel may be missing. We are also must say that if you want to do installation than you have to do on your own risk because if your device is damage or bricking during or after firmware installation so not responsible as well. Because with a even one wrong step during installation create a problem for your handset so when you do it you must be carefully doing all this.

How to Install Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean in you Galaxy Note 2 N7100 via SlimBean Build 5 ROM:

  • With USB cable you have to connect and mount the phone’s storage on computer

  • Copy the downloaded ROM and Google Apps zip files to the root folder on the phone’s SD card, but without extracting.

  • When your file transfer procedure is complete, you must disconnect the phone’s USB cable from the computer and then Power off the phone.

  • Boot the Phone into Recovery mode by pressing and holding Volume Up, Volume Down and power button together until the screen flashes. Then release all three buttons. But must Use Volume buttons to navigate between options and power to select an option in recovery.

  • Take a Nandroid backup of the phone’s existing ROM than you can be restored is later if the new ROM fails to boot or you want to return to the previous ROM. Then you have to do a data backup, choose Backup and Restore and then hit Backup on next screen.  So once backup is done just return the main recovery screen.

  • Than perform a full data wipe task to eliminate conflicts between the newly installed ROM and the original ROM. First choose Wipe Data/ Factory Reset and then click yes on next screen to confirm. Until the data wipe process complete wait for few minute and then return to the CWM recovery main menu.

  • Choose Install Zip from SD card and then click choose Zip from SD card. Than locate the SlimBean Build 5 ROM zip file that you copied earlier in step 2 and select it by tapping power button. Than Confirm the ROM installation on next screen and soon the installation process will begin.

  • When ROM installation complete than repeat Step 8 but must choose SlimBean Gapps zip instead of ROM zip file to install Google Apps. So when both the ROM and Google Apps are installed, then return to the main recovery menu and hit the reboot system now. The phone will now reboot into the newly installed ROM. As the first boot may take about five minutes to complete than leave the phone for 5 minutes.

So when you restore previous ROM so just restore the original ROM, boot the phone into recovery, choose Backup and Restore and then restore your previous ROM by choosing it from the list.

So after completing these installations step you will successfully updated to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean via SlimBean Build 5 ROM on your Galaxy Note II N7100. About Phone to verify the firmware version installed just simply go to setting.

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